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 PID And Temperature Controllers

Shepherd Systems is using Infragas
Infragas infrared catalytic gas heaters emit heat through infrared rays and operate with catalytic combustion in total absence of flame. They are innovative systems destined to pre-heating treatments, curing, drying in the most varied industrial sectors, from painting drying to textile treatments, wood sector and food sector.

Main characteristics:

• 32 different models for any need of application
• working with Natural Gas or Propane
• made in stainless steel – hardiness, long life and reliability
• compact: high power density, less space
• they can be installed in horizontal, vertical or inclined position
• equipped with a highly efficient catalyst (quick start-up: 10 minutes!) with reduced electrical power for the pre-heating phase
• surface temperature capable of being modulated from 180°C (356°F) to 650°C (1202°F)
• usable in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX and FM certification)
• designed, made and tested according to International Quality Standard ISO 9001.

Infragas panels are available in the following typologies:
INFRACAT®, infrared catalytic heaters
BOOSTERCAT®, powered infrared catalytic heaters.

With Infragas panels high technology combines extraordinarily with LOW WORKING COSTS, TREATMENT QUICKNESS and COMPACT OVENS.





                                                            Putzmaus Boiler Tube Pipe Cleaning Tools


Putzmaus Boiler Tube Pipe Cleaning Tools


The Putzmaus is a precision engineered boiler tube and pipe cleaning system. It is designed for working in small spaces. Driven by compressed air, it's powerful gentle stainless steel brushes will return any gas tube to a high polish with no damage.

With a variety of brush sizes, it sets a mark as world leader for boiler tube cleaning. Maintaining your boiler system is much easier and faster. Cleaning yields the highest possible efficiency for the smallest amount of fuel.

The Putzmaus family of air tools will ensure the greatest economy from your boiler systems. Efficiency is achieved with the Putzmaus®.




For over 25 years, TECNOCEAM has been Designing and Manufacturing machines and plants for the food industry .
Lines that are always at the cutting edge for the material’s quality and technical solution for processing and preserving fresh vegetables , for grilled vegetables, for the pickles in oil or in vinegar, and sauces.

Meticulously following every phase in production from design to start up, TECNOCEAM is now able to supply entire "CUSTOM – DESIGN " plants aiming always to get the same goal,

Our machines are widely used to produce ready salads (MPV) (read article)

For more information, please contact us

For more information, Please contact us