Shepherds Systems Pty Ltd - Kiln

The HTK Kiln

The HTK designs dry about 15,000 cub M of P. Radiata/yr from a load volume of only 28 cubic metres. The cold side of the packs is above 100 C in less than 40 minutes and operate up to 200 C, energy is 500 kW/cub M. direct gas fired 92% gross efficiency or more. These kilns are used as "In Line Types" green sawn in straight from the mill then out to Steam Recondition. They dry each batch in about 6-12 hours dependent on thickness and initial moisture content.


The PPK Kiln

This kiln is a less expensive design fabricated from aerated concrete slabs we cast. This material has excellent thermal and acoustic properties and in this configuration can be loaded in about 5 minutes. Maximum operating temperature is 150 C giving 12-24 hour drying times dependant on the above conditions. Internal profiling of kiln gives excellent uniformity and reasonably cheap operating costs. These are Direct Gas Fired or can use radiator type heat exchangers too.


Hardwood Kilns

These kilns are for drying "Green off the Saw" down to moulding moisture levels in one go. They usually are  of large volumes, say 100-150 cub.M. Small or large, these kilns eliminate the need to stack hardwood timber outdoors until it reaches EMC and thus dramatically cuts the operating stock in Mills. This type of operation also reduces the quantity of timber lost during the drying processes to less than 2%.


Container Kiln Kits

The container kiln kits are our "entry level" systems for the small miller and specialist timber dryers who want to dry little batches economically. They also can be direct gas fired or heat exchange heated. They are reasonably priced and are fabricated from Stainless Steel Sheet. All kits come with a full set of Temp. and RH digital controls, etc.


Universal Timber Laboratory Kilns

Formed stainless steel construction of these special kilns is just a part of the quality and fittings applied to these special kilns.
Variable heat rates, variable humidity sources, ramping temp and RH controllers, variable fan speed, wet and dry bulb sensors,
digital recordings with RS232 comms and wedge type door sealing are just some of the features available.